Preparing for cat exhibition

At my parents house today to prepare the cats for this weekends exhibitions in Gothenburg. My mum is the expert of Norwegian forest cats and it’s Stig’s first time to be judged. Gustav is already an expert.


Elvis Presley my twin brothers cat and I                                                      –  2010

Gustav in Helsingborg 2014  - the Champ!

Gustav or should I say S*Bumblebees Iron Man in Helsingborg 2014                                                                                                                             – the Champ!

My baby boy Stig

My baby cat boy Stig

#4 Be the kind of person you want to meet.


to all of you people who think people are rude, angry, grumpy, short-toned, stupid, stroppy, eild, fierce, irate, bad-tempered, shrewish, bilious, wrathy etc etc


Re-think, re-load

Start to think about how you treat people. Do you expect that everyone should be nice to you, treat you nice and say those extra words you want to hear? The smile you want to see or the feeling you want to feel. Everyone wants to feel wanted, but everyone will accept a no if you say it with the right words.

I had a friend who had to quit his contract some weeks before it ended and his boss was very rude to him. Instead of explaining the situation that the budget was overshot the boss told him he was no longer needed and had to finish his work 2 weeks before the decided deadline. The boss also said that he didn’t care that this was a shock for him and how he should pay his rent the next month. My friend was stunned and we started to discuss how someone should treat people. I should mention here that he is responsible for hiring and managing people for different projects who have been really successful. Everyone who has worked with him loves him.

Today’s blogpost is about how you should think and how you should treat people so you can feel great with yourself and also expect that people will treat you as you are treating them.

I have also been in situations where I just wonder what’s going on in people’s heads and probably vice versa as well, that people are thinking what’s going on in my head and why I’m so rude. I have started with some small steps how to say thing – sometimes I overload, sometimes I’m to quiet and sometimes too much. Anyhow I collected some useful tips that you can use – and I’m trying to use them whenever I meet someone.

To say things right…some useful tips

1.) You have bad news for a person – it’s really really hard to say some wise words how to say them to x.  If you got the same news – how do you want the person to deliver it to you?

2.) Be honest – if you think it’s bad news show it.

3.) Show some respect – even if you think the person deserves it or you took the decision don’t let the person feel angry and sad when leaving. Explain why this happenened. (it’s really hard, if you can’t explain why – make sure you can explain why instead of just silence.)

4.) DON’T IGNORE - I hate when people do the silent treatment against me, I can end a friendship for that. Never ever ever stop responding or stop talking to a person. If you have something on your mind say it and say it out loud. Just ignoring and hope things can go back to normal or the person will come to you and ask why makes you such a chicken.

5.) Do you feel sometimes no one calls you, sends you a SMS or chat with you – Start doing it as one of your daily tasks, reach out your hand to people. It could be colleagues, friends, family, meetup groups.  If you feel lonely – start doing something about it, don’t lean on other people to do it for you.

6.) Always come back to someone if you promised. Always apologize if you forgetbut don’t forget. (there are so many tools that can remind you today.) Just think about yourself if you wait for something and the person who promised you to come back to you after numbers of days doesn’t do it. It just makes you sad, right?

Most important to remember: You are responsible for you happiness – but also how you treat other people.


I always tell my students when I talk at universities.


”Be the kind of person you want to meet.”